Telltale started in 2016 as a Capstone project at the University of Saskatchewan. The team came together with a common interest in applying biometric technologies to solve important problems in the community.


The group was founded by six members, all engineering students from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Mechanical Design

Reid Balezantis

Electrical Design

Andrew Johnson Ata Merat Dennis Perreault

Software Design

Wesley Ridgway Austin Shirley

The Problem

Through our research, we came across many problems facing the pork industry - one of the most consumed meats in the world.

Currently, there is an enormous amount of research being done into the health and wellbeing of swine in modern industrial farming practices - in Western Canada alone, 8 pork research centres in Western Canada we have identified similar issues but are lacking the tools needed to collect and analyse the data they require

For our initial prototype, we partnered with the Prairie Swine Center and researchers at the University of Saskatchewan to develop a tool that meets their needs for collecting Heart Rate Variability data. The rest is history.